Giza 70 COM4-ZERO™ cotton

A thousand washes, zero pilling 

COM4-zero™ is the cotton of all our dreams, the cotton that is not only perfect but
stays perfect. The fruit of fifty years of research, this Italian yarn combines the
age-old beauty of Egyptian cotton with avant-garde technology. The Com4 spinning
technique virtually eliminates fuzziness, which over time causes pilling. Indeed, the
“zero” in the name stands for zero pilling—even after many washes. This revolutionary
yarn offers other advantages. Since it is twisted less than other yarns, it
maintains the fibre’s natural elasticity, giving ça va de soi more freedom to play with
the movement in our cotton knits. This smoother yarn is likewise more solid so that
it better withstands the test of time. And its increased stability keeps colours intact.
For the first time, ça va de soi has included the Mako Egyptian COM4-zéro ™ cotton
in this season’s collection. Women will find this clothing a pleasure to wear—for a
long time.

Egyptian Mako Cotton crepe Artic™

Summer ice cotton

A cotton that has the look and feel of a woven linen, this highsummer knit is fresh, airy and

chic, with enough body to give these designs flow. The knit that inspired the very first big names

of French haute couture and has now inspired ça va de soi to create minimalist, streamlined designs.

This high-twist crepe applied to the properties of the com4-zero® for great softness while staying cool.

Egyptian Giza 45 Mako cotton

The Château Margaux of cottons

When it comes to growing conditions, the notion of terroir is as important to cotton bushes as it is to grape vines. The controlled appellation of Giza 45 is the equivalent of a grand cru wine. Harvested by hand in the Abu Hummus region, an exceptionally fertile land east of the Nile River Delta, this cotton has long, fine strands (ELS) that the hands of the best artisans transform into an ultra-fine, silky, exceptionally uniform thread. 

When processed with all the attention it deserves, Giza 45 becomes the rarest, most beautiful and most prestigious cotton that exists. In the Giza family, whose varieties are numbered, the smaller the number, the better the cotton. Grown without chemicals, Giza 45 makes up only 0.4% of Egypt’s annual production. At auctions, it compares favourably with cashmere, to which Giza 45 is often likened for its softness. Both types of fibre are tipped with microscopic hairs, similar to down, which accounts for this softness. 

The comfort created can be attributed to its high capacity to absorb moisture and to adapt to ambient temperatures. And, like wine, Giza 45 improves with age! Each wash only enhances its beauty. 

Egyptian Mako Cotton Myto Giza 87

The mythical 

An Egyptian Mako Giza 87 cotton which is so fabulous that it is referred to as a myth.

Farmed without chemicals and hand-picked on the banks of the Nile, this Giza 87 is almost unobtainable.

This fibre is so exceptionally sought after that it fetches prices comparable to cashmere and the rarest wool bales at auctions.

ça va de soi turns this legendary cotton into pure silkiness and softness on the skin.

Egyptian Karnak-Menoufi Mako cotton

A legend rediscovered 

 It was in Egypt’s rich Nile River Delta that ça va de soi discovered Karnak-Menoufi, a variety that is as ancient as it is rare. This extra-long-staple cotton darkened by the Nile’s silt is grown only during years when nature and the soil agree – align – to produce the right conditions. This controlled appellation cotton is so rare that we compare it to a vintage wine. After a ten-year hiatus, this cotton is gradually being farmed again, although quantities are so limited that stocks are always auctioned. A true legend for people in the trade, the ultra-fine spun cotton will follow you through all seasons and lends itself beautifully to clean-lined models that showcase its unique splendour and fluidity. 

Egyptian Mako Cotton Giza 70

The go-anywhere fibre

 The Mako variety, which comes from Upper Egypt, is a controlled appellation whose thread is extremely fine and silky. Grown to strict standards in only a small region of the Nile Delta, it cannot be mass produced. Using this extra-long-staple thread, we produce very supple, smooth knits that are a joy to wear, easy to care for and durable, and that hold their shape. About 15,000 metres of this ultra-fine thread are required to produce only one pullover. The thread is gassed (gassing gives cotton its shine and smooth texture and makes it resistant to laundering, wear and pilling). This precious fibre is so finely spun that some sweaters weigh less than 200 grams. 

Egyptian cotton - a notion of terroir

The most beautiful cotton in the world

When it comes to cotton, the soil that produces it is just as important as the notion of terroir for wine.
Since antiquity, the land of northern Egypt has been recognized as producing the best cotton: varieties of
extra-long staple (ELS), as the fibres are called, which are transformed into fine, silky, resistant threads.

On this land with a human dimension, cotton is still grown as it was centuries ago. The soil is left fallow if the conditions are not ideal, and the cotton is carefully picked by hand. It is in Egypt that the most reputable Italian spinners find their raw material, notably Giza 45 and 70, cottons with extra-long fibres (ELS) that have inspired ça va de soi creations over the years.

Our passion for exquisite materials pushes ça va de soi to explore the globe in search of new fibres. It was in Egypt, once again, in the rich Nile Delta, that we found Karnak-Menoufi, a variety as ancient as it is rare. Darkened by the silt of the river, this cotton is grown only during years when nature and the soil create the right conditions. After a ten-year halt, this fibre is once again being farmed, in quantities so
limited that the stocks are sold only by auction.
Legendary in the trade, this cotton with long silks, spun ultra-fine, is offered in understated models that allow this unique material to take centre stage.

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