Egyptian Giza 45 Mako cotton

The Château Margaux of cottons

When it comes to growing conditions, the notion of terroir is as important to cotton bushes as it is to grape vines. The controlled appellation of Giza 45 is the equivalent of a grand cru wine. Harvested by hand in the Abu Hummus region, an exceptionally fertile land east of the Nile River Delta, this cotton has long, fine strands (ELS) that the hands of the best artisans transform into an ultra-fine, silky, exceptionally uniform thread. 

When processed with all the attention it deserves, Giza 45 becomes the rarest, most beautiful and most prestigious cotton that exists. In the Giza family, whose varieties are numbered, the smaller the number, the better the cotton. Grown without chemicals, Giza 45 makes up only 0.4% of Egypt’s annual production. At auctions, it compares favourably with cashmere, to which Giza 45 is often likened for its softness. Both types of fibre are tipped with microscopic hairs, similar to down, which accounts for this softness. 

The comfort created can be attributed to its high capacity to absorb moisture and to adapt to ambient temperatures. And, like wine, Giza 45 improves with age! Each wash only enhances its beauty.