The 4-Season wool 

“No compromises!” The day that ça va de soi embraced that approach, 17 years ago, was an auspicious one. Because from that day forward, our clothes have been produced from only the highest-quality natural fibres, spun by the most seasoned master craftsmen in Italy. And the king of these fibres is merino wool.
A few words cannot do justice to merino wool, the venerable yarn that has ça va de soi completely head over heels. It’s almost better to say nothing, and instead carefully feel it, allowing the fibre to speak for itself on your skin. Devotees of extra-fine Super 140, a yarn spun
from fibres merely 16.5 microns in diameter (the market average is about 20), will be elated this season by a newcomer to our latest collection: Super 160, a yarn spun from fibres only 15 microns wide! By comparison, a human hair can measure as much as 100 microns wide.

This unveiling of a finesse that scales new heights reveals fibres that are exceptionally long and smooth, guaranteeing a lasting lustre and increased resistance to pilling. Nature offers this rare wool only when all the elements decide to work together.

Super this, super that: the term is no marketing ploy but rather an internationally recognized
measure of fibre elasticity. The word “super” refers to the highest degree of stretch a thread can attain before breaking, which depends on both its length and diameter. This appellation first appeared some 30 or 40 years ago, when weavers of men’s suiting discovered a highly superior wool, Super 100 (18 microns), once reserved exclusively for the political elite and the
clergy, and from then on made available to the man in the street. The colossal impact of its arrival to our industry can still be felt: with super wool, clothing lost its stiffness, becoming smooth, lustrous, chic and versatile. The suit became the sartorial mainstay for all occasions.

The introduction of Super 140 only enhanced the wearing experience, proving that we find and express our best selves when comfortable. The arrival of small quantities of Super 160
merino wool to our flagship boutiques is the arrival of nothing less than the most beautiful wool in the world. It’s indescribably soft, imperceptibly refreshing, and subtly supple. This gift from nature, shorn from top Australian sheep, is in no way a sure thing. Although the farmers guarantee exceptionally good breeding conditions — they go so far as monitoring the water that their animals drink — they’re nonetheless aware that nature always has the last word, perhaps now more than ever.

But when all goes well, and the resultingfibre is treated, dyed and spun by the expert hands
of the top artisans in Biella, Italy — the mecca for merino wool — then Super 160 quite simply has us enchanted.

Super 160 has been an epiphany for ça va de soi, a wool we cherish like no other. And anyone who draws the back of their hand across it, the sign of a connoisseur, or their fingertips, as most admirers do, would have to agree with us: surely this is the most beautiful wool in the world.