Giza 70 COM4-ZERO™ cotton

A thousand washes, zero pilling 

COM4-zero™ is the cotton of all our dreams, the cotton that is not only perfect but
stays perfect. The fruit of fifty years of research, this Italian yarn combines the
age-old beauty of Egyptian cotton with avant-garde technology. The Com4 spinning
technique virtually eliminates fuzziness, which over time causes pilling. Indeed, the
“zero” in the name stands for zero pilling—even after many washes. This revolutionary
yarn offers other advantages. Since it is twisted less than other yarns, it
maintains the fibre’s natural elasticity, giving ça va de soi more freedom to play with
the movement in our cotton knits. This smoother yarn is likewise more solid so that
it better withstands the test of time. And its increased stability keeps colours intact.
For the first time, ça va de soi has included the Mako Egyptian COM4-zéro ™ cotton
in this season’s collection. Women will find this clothing a pleasure to wear—for a
long time.