Egyptian cotton - a notion of terroir

The most beautiful cotton in the world

When it comes to cotton, the soil that produces it is just as important as the notion of terroir for wine.
Since antiquity, the land of northern Egypt has been recognized as producing the best cotton: varieties of
extra-long staple (ELS), as the fibres are called, which are transformed into fine, silky, resistant threads.

On this land with a human dimension, cotton is still grown as it was centuries ago. The soil is left fallow if the conditions are not ideal, and the cotton is carefully picked by hand. It is in Egypt that the most reputable Italian spinners find their raw material, notably Giza 45 and 70, cottons with extra-long fibres (ELS) that have inspired ça va de soi creations over the years.

Our passion for exquisite materials pushes ça va de soi to explore the globe in search of new fibres. It was in Egypt, once again, in the rich Nile Delta, that we found Karnak-Menoufi, a variety as ancient as it is rare. Darkened by the silt of the river, this cotton is grown only during years when nature and the soil create the right conditions. After a ten-year halt, this fibre is once again being farmed, in quantities so
limited that the stocks are sold only by auction.
Legendary in the trade, this cotton with long silks, spun ultra-fine, is offered in understated models that allow this unique material to take centre stage.

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