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FOR REAL: super 160 - merino

The real 4 season wool that will never let you down... 

The most beautiful wool in the world

This unveiling of a finesse that scales new
heights reveals fibres that are exceptionally long and
smooth, guaranteeing a lasting lustre and increased
resistance to pilling. Nature offers this rare wool
only when all the elements decide to work together.

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Super this, super that: the term is no marketing
ploy but rather an internationally recognized
measure of fibre elasticity. The word “super” refers
to the highest degree of stretch a thread can attain
before breaking, which depends on both its length
and diameter.

Devotees of extra-fine Super 140, a yarn spun
from fibres merely 16.5 microns in diameter (the
market average is about 20), will be elated this season
by a newcomer to our latest collection: Super 160,
a yarn spun from fibres only 15 microns wide! By
comparison, a human hair can measure as much as
100 microns wide!


Stéphanie, product specialist and Laurier store manager talks quality, style, and lifestyle.

DESIGNER: Christophe Lemaire, Miu Miu and Bottega Venetta for their gorgeous vegan handbags!

MATERIAL OF CHOICE: Super 160 merino wool all year long!

COLOURS: All shades of blues and beiges, especially the ink and cookie hues.

FAVOURITE PIECE: The MICHÈLE cashmere back-buttoned sweater, such a timeless and feminine piece.

MANICURE: Never! I find it lovely, but between yoga, biking and giving massages, it would wear off in a matter of hours.

SIGNATURE SCENT: Pure geranium and lavender essential oils.

SHOES: A black ballet flat or taupe moccasin.

CULT MOVIE: Disney’s Cinderella because she wears what seems to me like the perfect ballet flat, for the mice’s creativity and because you can still find me humming the songs today!

SOUNDTRACK: The Garden State soundtrack, Feist, Medeski Martin and Wood, and if I’m the one singing (!), Indian kirtans-bhajans.

TO DRINK: Coco water or homemade kombucha.


Stéphanie is an in-house specialist and manager at the Laurier boutique:

It is possible to take an appointment with her in store for a personalized shopping experience or in depth styling advise. 

You may also consult her column on our blog or share your wishlist with her to be in touch by email.