The nostalgia

The 1960s brought us ready-to-wear—prêt-à-porter—clothing. A social movement that developed and captivated, stitch by stitch, only to enjoy to bask in its glory 10 years later. At a time when anything was possible, emerged small, stylish boutiques which, contrary to haute couture fashion houses, invited people to come in and indulge in fashion and style. And it was amidst this period of optimism and fertility that ça va de soi came to be. It emerged from the desire to generate poignant emotion from real materials, from the need to create garments that exuded real soul, in a manner both timeless and seasonless. This is the philosophy that drives Odile and Antoine Nasri, its founders.

The family

The family business defies models, defies the laws of the markets that dictate a requirement to renew your wardrobe twice a year. There’s no need to start over when you already use noble raw materials that integrate philosophical depth in every fiber. Just add a few classics, pick and choose a few pieces from the most recent collection and voilà! Perfection.

The passion

You don’t go to ça va de soi to simply adorn yourself, but rather to satisfy a need for a higher standard. To satisfy your higher standard. At ça va de soi you are choosing what deserves to be appreciated, worn and, above all, lived in. This experience will draw you back, again and again, sometimes even to the same garments... sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, cardigans... Why? Because you know you will find them in the noble materials you want and need, in cuts that flatter and in shades that uplift and brighten from within.

The lifestyle

It’s very simple. Lasting and functional, ça va de soi is inspired by real life. It brilliantly captures all the nostalgia of the timeless cuts and elegantly bestows upon them a modern appeal that carries them into the present, sustainably. The approach is clear, direct, and never strays from the path. Between the permanent collection and the avant-garde creations that punctuate the seasons, the common thread never breaks.

A ça va de soi garment never fades, never breaks down. It’s up to the task. It’s here for the journey, living, growing with you.



The art of colour

Dyeing a yarn or thread is not just a matter of adding colour. It is a complicated, ageold art that requires knowledge, experience and intuition. Dyeing techniques have evolved and become more sophisticated over the centuries, but human hands—and eyes—still make the difference even today. In this industry, Italian artisans are the reigning masters. For this reason, ça va de soi works exclusively with fibres and yarns from Italy.


High-precision machinery and the computer allow pigments to be blended in an infinite range of new colours that can be reproduced to perfection. In the top workshops, however, technology has not entirely replaced the work of nature and time.

The vital raw material:

A thread gains or loses richness and sheen during the dyeing stage. At this step, as at many others, everything depends on the quality of the raw materials used. The softness and purity of the water determines how the pigment is absorbed and how rich the colour will be. The pigments, of course, also affect the beauty of the yarn, as well as its suppleness.


Dyeing is also a matter of time and patience, a technique involving countless steps, all of them essential. The best dyers still take the time to do things well, working in small quantities. The fibres used by ça va de soi are thus dyed the old-fashioned way, in hanks rather than in packages. After dyeing, they are hung up one hank at a time in rooms with perfectly controlled humidity. The thread is then waxed and wound on spools.

Back to nature:

All threads at ça va de soi originate in workshops that meet stringent environmental standards and even revive ancient natural dyeing traditions. We are proud to add to our range of colours each year a few colours that are the result of zero chemical treatment, no pigment, sometimes a natural bleaching process.




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